“Osteopaths are the champions of natural law.”
A.T. Still




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Practitioner or Student Membership

Granted to applicants who have completed or are currently enrolled

in an Equine Osteopathy curriculum that requires a minimum of

300 hours of focused academic and applied ​equine osteopathic training with an examination. 


Verification of satisfactory completion or current student status is required.  Practitioner and student memberships are entitled to voting rights and access to continuing education, online forum and a listing on the WAEO website. 



Associate membership is open

to anyone who supports the mission of the WAEO.  An associate

member may be an individual, association or business. 


In appreciation for your interest in the WAEO, associates will be acknowledged with a listing on the WAEO website.  Thank you for helping advance the profession of Equine Osteopathy.



If you are a current member you do not need to fill out a Membership Application again.  


All that is needed is for you to click the button below to pay your renewal fee and a notice will be sent to us.

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