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2019 6th Annual WAEO Conference

Fascia and The Unity of Our Systems

At the 6th Annual WAEO Conference in 2019, speakers from around the world, came together to impart their knowledge and expertise on the topics of equine osteopathy and related fields! 

Please enjoy your exclusive access to the wealth of information covered in this incredible collection of thought-provoking lectures.


Purchase your ticket and receive instant access to 7 fascinating lectures on fascia and the importance of knowing how the body functions within all its systems. 

Demonstration on Fascia Connections of the Equine - Janek Vluggen 

The Influence of pH and Other Metabolic Factors on Fascia - Janek Vluggen

Unique Equine Cranial Anatomical Features Associated with Fascia - Dr. Dan Hawkins

Defining Equine Limb Conformation - Michael Wildenstein

The Equine Microbiome in Health & Disease - Dr. Amy Biddle

Fascial Connections Between the Horse and Rider - Dr. Benedetta Nesti Medico & Matteo Ercole

The Meaning of Osteopathy - Dr. John Lewis

Equine Osteopathy

For The Good of the Whole Horse

We aspire to connect equine professionals from all over the world to the art of Osteopathy by providing a venue and resource for communication and collaborationamong all those who study, practice and teach.

There is much to learn from each other and the profession of Equine Osteopathy as it is practiced throughout the world.