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2022 WAEO Annual Webinar— Registration

Osteopathic Considerations of the Equine Digestion System

An opportunity not to be missed:

  • Deepen your understanding of the digestive system and its interactions with other body systems
  • Address the myriad symptoms that poor digestion manifests in other facets of horse health
  • Improve the quality of health for horses under your care or supervision
  • Make informed decisions backed by up-to-date research and information
  • Digestion is key to a healthy, thriving horse. 

The WAEO webinar conference is an unprecedented opportunity to explore the equine digestive system through the eyes of Osteopaths and learn from a diverse panel of expert presenters.  


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Inspiring Thoughts:

We look at the body in health as meaning perfection and harmony, not in one part, but in the whole.

-A. T. Still MD, DO

Your gut has capabilities that surpass all your other organs and even rival your brain. It has its own nervous system, known in scientific literature as the enteric nervous system, or ENS, and often referred to in the media as the “second brain.” This second brain is made up of 50-100 million nerve cells, as many as are contained in your spinal cord.

― Emeran Mayer, The Mind-Gut Connection: How the Astonishing Dialogue Taking Place in Our Bodies Impacts Health, Weight, and Mood

Anatomy is a living wholeness of function and should be seen as a mystery of form, not static academic structure

–James S. Jealous DO

You will find that it is only when by knowledge, by sight, by sense of touch, you have become so familiar with that which is normal, you will be able to recognize and normalize that which is abnormal.

-A. T. Still MD, DO