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WAEO produces an annual conference for its members, now, you can purchase the recordings of previous years!

2019 - Fascia and The unity Between Our Systems


Fascia is the layers of connective tissue that unite the body's structures, protecting and stabilizing, while enabling their motion and function. 

Understanding fascia is the first step into seeing the body from the osteopaths eyes. 

Watch the recordings of the live conference, that was held October 11-13, 2019 at The Chi Institute, Reddick Forida

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2021 - Neurology Uniting the Whole Horse


WAEO's first online conference!

Due to Covid-19 restrictions a live event was not possible, so we decided to joint the times and hop online! This gave WAEO the opportunity to open up the access to the public, furthering our reach and education about Equine Osteopathy and its benefits. 

Neurology is the key to unlocking the body's mysteries. The body operates as one whole unit, understanding how it functions, moves and adapts gives the osteopaths the tools they need to restore the natural functions and allow the body to find its way to health.  

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2022 - Osteopathic Considerations of the Equine Digestive System


Understanding the role digestion plays in their overall well-being is key to optimal horse care. Whether growing, performing, or simply being loved, horses have particular physiological needs respective to their job, life stage, and biological individuality. 

A webinar package featuring presentations from Equine Osteopaths, veterinary professionals, and holistic practitioners from around the world.

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