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* This list contains our Practitioner and Student Members *


Brendan Atkin

BSc (Clin Sci) MHSc (Osteo) MSc Animal Osteopathy

[email protected] | | Melbourne, Australia  | Practitioner


Bridget Davies

Dipl Osteosacral Therapeutin, Dipl Pferdetherapeutin, MastersonMethod Practitioner 

[email protected] | Austria | Practitioner 


Alexander D'hanis, EDO® 

[email protected] | Belgium | Practitioner 

Charlotte De Caluwe

Osteopath, Vet | [email protected] | Belgium | Practitioner 

Charlotte Tournicourt

[email protected] Boom, Belgium | Practitioner 

Daya Singh

[email protected] | | Belgium, Costa Rica | Practitioner

Elke Schollaert EDO® CDO®

[email protected] | Belgium | Practitioner

Fabienne Wolfs

[email protected]Hechtel-Eksel Belgium | Student

Tine Van der Auwera, EDO®

[email protected]Neerpelt | Practitioner 

Lisbeth Wijnants EDO® , CDO® | [email protected] | Belgium | Practitioner

Naomi Nouwen

[email protected]  | Belgium | Practitioner


Alexandra Plaschka, EDO®, CDO®  

[email protected] | Kelowna, BC | Practitioner 

Amber Strauch, EDO® , CDO®

[email protected] | Chaplin, SK Canada | Practitioner 

Christa Winsnes

[email protected] | Alberta, Canada | Student 

Emily Peebles

[email protected]East Kootenay BC, Southern Alberta | Practitioner

Leslie-Anne Kennedy  

Int’l DipAO, MastersonMethod ®️Certified Equine Practitioner, Board Certified Light Therapist, [email protected] | |  Ontario, Canada | Practitioner 

Hannah Taylor, EDO® , CDO®   

[email protected] | Mulmer, Ontario, Canada | Practitioner 

Jessica Van Buskirk, EDO®, CDO®  

[email protected] | Lethbridge, Alberta, Canada | Practitioner

Jessie St.John, EDO®

[email protected] | Brock, Canada | Practitioner

Julie Parsonage, EDO® 

[email protected] | | Okotoks, Alberta, Canada | Practitioner 

Kenna Seaton EDO®, CDO® 

[email protected] |  Edmonton, Calgary, Alberta | Practitioner

Kristen Trotz

[email protected] |   Alberta | Student

Laura Taylor DVM

[email protected] | | Calgary, Alberta, Canada | Practitioner 

Lyndel Kelemen, EDO®

[email protected] |  Canada | Practitioner

Marnie Raymond

[email protected] | Ontario, Canada | Student  

Micaella Funk 

[email protected] | Kola, Manitoba, Canada | Student 


Helena Vedholm 

[email protected] | Slagelse, Denmark | Student 

Karina Gleerup, DVM, PhD

[email protected] | Denmark | Practitioner 

Katrine B. Ravnsfelt

[email protected] | | Denmark | Practitioner 


Adela Snokhousova, MVDr CertAVP (ES-O & VDI) EDO® MRCVS

[email protected] | | Kent, United Kingdom | Practitioner 

Tom Beech, BVSc, MRCVS, EDO® 

[email protected]  | | Wilmslow Cheshire, United Kingdom | Practitioner 

Elizabeth Oakenfold, Equine Osteopath

[email protected]  | Wilmslow Cheshire, United Kingdom | Practitioner 

Helen Thornton

[email protected] |  United Kingdom Ireland and Channel Islands | Student

Marc Beaussart

[email protected] |  United Kingdom, Belgium | Practitioner


Taika Hannonen

[email protected] | Finland and Netherlands | Student


Alexia Lemahieu, EDO® 

[email protected] | Paris Paris 75015 France | Practitioner


Janek Vluggen D.O., MRO-D, EDO® 

[email protected]| | Waldfeucht-Obspringen, Germany | Practitioner 

Jule Luca Jesse, EDO® 

[email protected] | | 25581 Hennstedt, Germany | Practitioner 

Julia Schnatterbeck, EDO®,  CDO®

[email protected]  |  Haßloch, Germany | Practitioner 

Norbert Kinkel, EDO® 

[email protected] | Odenthal, Germany | Practitioner

 Sonja Schirmer

[email protected] | Vet School Hannover, Osteopathic Certification as EVSO C Member, Backbone Academy, IVCA, GGTM | North Germany | Practitioner


Hildigunnur Sigurðardóttir 

[email protected] | Iceland | Practitioner


Alessandra Dal Pan

[email protected] | Turin, Italy | Practitioner

Arianna Testa 

Equine Osteopath | [email protected] | North Italy | Practitioner

Caterina Maestrami

Veterinarian , Animal Osteopath | [email protected] | Italy | Practitioner

Marta Dal Molin 

Animal Osteopath | [email protected] | Italy | Practitioner


 Kitty Shanahan 

[email protected] | Ireland | Practitioner


Giedré Vokietyté-Viléniske, EDO®

[email protected] | Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia | Practitioner


Andre Teunissen D.O.-MRO®-NL, EDO® 

[email protected] | | Afferden, Limburg, The Netherlands | Practitioner 

Anita Stoops EDO® CDO® 

[email protected] |  www.rijkunstinbalans.nll |  The Netherlands | Practitioner 

Gisabeth Binnendijk, EDO® , CDO®

[email protected] | ‘t | Harde, Gelderland, The Netherlands | Practitioner 

Chrissy Fens

[email protected] | Netherlands | Student 

Judith van Neer, EDO® 

[email protected] | | Reuver, The Netherlands | Student 

Leandra Theunissen, EDO® CDO® 

[email protected] | | Baasbree, The Netherlands | Practitioner 

Linda van der Voorn PT, EDO® 

[email protected] | | Leersum, The Netherlands | Practitioner 

Marit Brandsema, EDO® , PT

[email protected] | | Gouda, Zuid-Holland, Netherlands | Practitioner 

Marlies van Dijk, EDO® 

[email protected] | | Doornspijk Gelderland, The Netherlands | Practitioner 

Maurice de Keijser, D.O.-MRO®-NL

[email protected] | | Hulsberg, The Netherlands | Student 

Michael Hamerslag, EDO® 

[email protected] | | Strijen, Zuid-Holland, The Netherlands | Practitioner 

Willemijn Cremers

[email protected] | Leiden, The Netherlands | Student

Ruth Cohen

[email protected] |  The Netherlands |  Practitioner

New Zealand  

Jo Chaney

[email protected] | Blenheim Marlborough, New Zealand | Student 

Jo Stutton

[email protected] | New Zealand | Practitioner

Nash Francis, EDO

[email protected] | | Cambridge, New Zealand | Practitioner


Tone Jørgensen EDO® 

[email protected] | Eidsvoll, Norway | Practitioner 


Tomasz Zaranek BSc CST-T  

[email protected]  | Poland | Practitioner 


Joana Santos

[email protected] | | Portugal | Practitioner 

Karen Allwright, EDO® 

[email protected] | Portugal | Practitioner


Peggy de Kraa, CDO®

[email protected]|  Sweden | Practitioner


Jean Allbright DVM, EDO® CDO®

[email protected] | Billings, MT | Practitioner 

Latricia DeVaughn, EDO®  CDO®

[email protected] | Marbury, AL | Practitioner 

Raelene Denise Paris

[email protected] | AZ | Student

Fenja Konigsmann, EDO®

[email protected] | | CA, OR | Practitioner

Heidi Clark Hall, QEST

[email protected] | Fairfield, CA  | Student 

Shona Fox, EDO®, CDO®, LMT

[email protected] | CA, Hawaii (Kauai)  | Practitioner 

Katja Auer, EdD, MA, MBA, EDO®  

[email protected] | CA, TX, FL,  | Practitioner 

Pauline Stotsenberg

[email protected] | | Murrieta, CA | Student 

Martine Groeneveld, EDO®, CDO®  

[email protected] | Topanga, CA | Practitioner 

Jessica Iliev

[email protected] |  San Diago, CA | Student 

Kerilyn Peck

[email protected] | Milford, CT | Student 

Cara Greenacre, EDO® 

[email protected] | Colorado | Practitioner

Madalyn Ward, DVM

[email protected] | | Pagosa Springs, CO | Practitioner 

Marylin Maler DVM, EDO® 

[email protected] | | Ocala, FL | Practitioner 

Sherry Chesler

[email protected]  | FL | Practitioner 

Alyson Catherine Hart

[email protected] | East Coast | Student 

Sara Prusinski

[email protected] | Milton, FL | Student 

Joan Wilcoxen

[email protected] | KY | Practitioner 

Sarah Wilker

[email protected] | KY and LA | Student

Elizabeth Voss, EDO® EQD

[email protected] | Bethesda, Maryland | Practitioner 

Heather Brinkman

[email protected] |  MI | Student 

Lindsay Madorin

[email protected] |  MY, ND, WY, OH | Student 

Barbara Sheldon, EDO®  

[email protected] | Delano, MN | Practitioner

Christine Hall

[email protected] | Earleville, MD  | Practitioner 

Ayla Bolstad

[email protected] | Chanhassen, MN | Practitioner 

Jenna Ann Kilpela 

[email protected] | MN | Student 

Leeann Garnas, EDO®

[email protected] | | Three Forks, MT | Practitioner 

Jean Allbright DVM, EDO® CDO®

[email protected] | Billings, MT | Practitioner 

Lauren Lauder

[email protected] | Montana | Practitioner 

Kay Dee Munns-Olson, EDO®, CDO®  

[email protected] | Medora, ND | Practitioner 

Terri Borgen 

[email protected] |  ND, MI | Student 

Margaret Mullin

[email protected] | Clinton, NJ | Practitioner 

Victoria Rose, EDO®

[email protected] | NY, FL | Practitioner

Francine Anderson

[email protected] | OK | Student 

Keri Kay, EDO®

[email protected] | Edmond, OK | Practitioner

Julie A. Staub MS PT EDO® 

[email protected] | | Veneta, OR | Practitioner 

Susan Savidge, EDO®, CDO®,  LMT 

[email protected] | West Grove, PA | Practitioner 

Maureen Keenan 

[email protected] | PA, NJ, MD | Student

Frances Loehr, EDO® 

[email protected] | Hermosa, SD | Practitioner 

Jodi Powell, EDO®

[email protected] | TN | Practitioner 

Carolyn Libby

[email protected] | Waring, TX | Practitioner 

Jane Fambro, EDO® 

[email protected] | Stephenville, TX | Practitioner 

Kathryn Thomas, EDO® 

[email protected] | Henderson, TX | Practitioner

Rose Gillies  

[email protected] |  | TX | Student

Lorre Mueller, EDO®

[email protected] | Smithville, TX | Practitioner 

Jenifer Fasano 

[email protected] | Brazoria, TX | Practitioner 

Lu Ann Groves DVM 

[email protected] | | Garwood, TX | Practitioner 

Susan Norman

[email protected] | Fredericksburg, TX | Practitioner 

Schuyler Drapela

[email protected] | El Campo, TX | Student 

Traci Burgess 

[email protected] | Weatherford, TX  | Practitioner 

Shana Pinxten, EDO® , CDO® Veterinarian

[email protected] | | | TX | Practitioner 

Rose Gillis

[email protected] | TX | Student 

Anna Kudick LMT, EDO®  

[email protected] | | WI | Practitioner 

Net Bsheldonmn, EDO®  

[email protected] | WI, MN, Iowa | Practitioner 

Sonja Galloway, EDO®, CDO®    

[email protected] | Manderson, WY | Practitioner 

Lindsay Madorin   

[email protected] | WY, ND | Practitioner 


[email protected] | Porto Rico & Colombia | Student


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